Cheryl Cole's New Hair Style

Cheryl Cole is sporting a new blonde bob hairstyle.  We all know how gorgeous Cheryl is and she can really carry off anything (even the massive hair and flares didn't look absolutely hideous on her let's be jealous honest)

I for one am not a big fan!  I far prefer the tanned brunette version of Cheryl, she looks far classier and natural but I do respect her for trying out new styles/colours and not just sticking to the same look all the time!

 I also like her hair in between colours like the photo below...  doesn't she look miserable though :(

 So what do you think?  Do you love or hate Cheryl's sassy new do?

Cheryl Ann Cole

Cheryl Cole young pic

Cheryl Cole wallpaper

Cheryl Cole with boy friend-1

Cheryl Cole with boy friend-2

Cheryl Cole without make up photo-1

Cheryl Cole Without Make up Photo-1

Cheryl Cole Pregnant-1

Cheryl Cole Product

Cheryl Cole Sexy Picture Gallery-1

Cheryl Cole Sexy Picture Gallery-2

Cheryl Cole Tatto

Cheryl Cole pics Collection

Cheryl Cole poster-2

Cheryl Cole Poster-1

Cheryl Cole Cole pregnant-2

Cheryl Cole Lips Photo pics-1

Cheryl Cole Feet Photo-2

Cheryl Cole Hair Style Picture

Cheryl Cole Hot Photo Gallery-2

Cheryl Cole Hot Photo Gallery-1

Cheryl Cole Hair

Cheryl Cole Celebrity

Cheryl Cole Dating Photo

Cheryl Cole Face Picture Collection-1

Cheryl Cole Face Picture Collection-2

Cheryl Cole Feet

Cheryl Cole Actress Photo-1

Cheryl Cole Biography

Cheryl Cole Actress Photo-1

Cheryl Cole Bikini Photo-1

Cheryl Cole Bikini Photo-2

Cheryl Cole has changed her hair style for 2011! Cheryl now has a stunning graduated blonde bob, which trend was set many years ago by her friend and designer Victoria Beckham. Cheryl Cole who turned 28 the other day has decided to change her style to win back the heart of Ashley Cole. This Blonde hair colour and style is very similar to when they first met back in the day. Do you think Cheryl is trying to remind Ashley what good times they had, do I hear wedding belles again!! What do you think FashionRich Readers? Click Cheryl Cole Jewellery for some amazing Cheryl style Jewellery and Hair Accessories!
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