Celebrity Hair 2012

From bright colours, dip-dye and red hair to pixie crops and modern mohawks, scroll down and take a look at the celebrity hair that will influence cut, colour and style in 2011.

Cheryl Cole with long red hair
Rihanna with red curly hair at the American Music Awards, November 2010
Vivid brights- Nicki Minaj with rainbow wig at MAC lipstick launch in Time Square New York, November 2010
Dip-dye- Jessica Alba with dark brown hair and blonde tips
Dip-dye- Alexa Chung with light brown ends at the Mulberry Pool Party at Chateau Marmont, July 2010
Modern mohawks- Ke$ha with a mohawk at the American Music Awards, November 2010
Vivid brights- Avril Lavigne with pink streaks at the American Music Awards, November 2010
Vivid brights- Lady Gaga with golden yellow streaks, New York, January 2010
Vivid brights- Lady Gaga with grey and turquoise green hair, London, October 2010
Vivid brights- Ke$ha with neon pink hair at the MTV EMAs in Madrid, November 2010
Sulptured styling- Alicia Keys with a quiff hairstyle and messy bun
Vivid brights- Katy Perry with blue and pink striped hair at the MTV Video Music Awards, September 2010
Sulptured styling- Nicole Scherzinger at the Men in Black 3 filming, New York, November 2010
Dip-dye- Rachel Bilson with blonde ombré hair colour
Pixie crops- Ashlee Simpson with blonde pixie crop
Modern mohawks- Agyness Deyn with a short mohawk
Dip-dye- Mary Charteris with magenta-coloured dip-dyed ends
Pixie crops- Emma Watson with auburn crop
Pixie crops- Katie Waissel with short pixie crop on The X Factor

Celebrity hair focused on experimental styling and creative colour this year, with a good mix of hairstyles on show. Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s Jean Seberg-esque pixie crop was one of the most talked-about hair transformations this year. On her Facebook page, Watson posted the message: “Cut my hair off a few days ago… Feels incredible. I love it. I’ve wanted to do this for years and years; it’s the most liberating thing ever.”Colour made a big statement this year, with extreme and exaggerated colour dominating. Taking the two-tone trend to the next level, Nicki Minaj grabbed headlines with her multi-hue rainbow dip-dye hair, one of my favourite looks to emerge this year. I expect this colour technique to come through strongly in 2011.Red has proved to be the most popular hair-colour choice in 2010, with a plethora of celebrities, including Rihanna and Cheryl Cole, displaying this vibrant tone. Cheryl Cole garnered quite a following when she unveiled her red hair on The X Factor. Calling it the “Cheryl Cole effect”, high-street health and beauty retailer Superdrug reported an increase in red home hair dye. We expect to see more vibrant tones of red in 2011.
Vivid brights: Statement hair colours in a bold and vibrant palette. Think cobalt blue, peacock green, neon pink and golden yellow. In 2011, we will notice a move towards stronger colours with a more experimental approach, either putting slices of colour through the hair, underneath, or dyeing the ends in bold colours.

Dip-dye: Following on from the ombré look, which was hugely popular in 2010, celebrities are pushing the boundaries, creating two-tone hair-colour effects using bold hues. Alternatively, blonde or brown tones offer a more natural look for the less daring

Pixie crops: 2010 saw many celebrities going for the crop, opting for short pixie styles. Harry Potter star Emma Watson’s cute 60s pixie crop was one of the most talked-about hair cuts this year. This trend will filter through to the mainstream and will be key for 2011

Fiery reds: Red was a key colour in 2010. When Cheryl Cole unveiled her new red hair colour, health and beauty retailer Superdrug reported sales of red hair dye almost doubling, compared with the amount sold in 2009. In 2011, we will see red continuing to be a key hair colour at a commercial level. We will see vibrant variations of the shade, ranging from cherry red to plum red, auburn and tomato

Modern mohawks: this androgynous style will be popular at a street level, particularly for the youth market. The look is edgy rather than punky

Sculptured styling: creative updos will be key, with hair piled up into usual shapes and styles
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